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Online Payments

PayPal account NOT required.

$20 member Dues, $1 transactions fee


Event Resgistrations

(when required)


Membership Requirements

1) Own a Toyota 4WD vehicle

2) $20 Annual Dues ($21 via Paypal)

3) $5.00 Application Fee (First Time Members)

4) You must be sponsored by a Member in good standing.*

5) Attend 2 meeting or 2 trail rides or participate in a committee

6) Must be a member of TLCA

7) Upon completing above, you are eligible to be voted in and must then pay the annual dues.

*If you do not know a member that's OK, come to an event or meeting and introduce yourself. 

There will be plenty of support for visitors to become members.

Vehicle Requirements

1) Functional Seat belt for all participants

2) First Aid Kit

3) Fire Extinguisher

4) Functional Brake system

5) Functional Emergency Brake or Equivalent

6) Spare Tire of Equal diameter to all vehicle tires

7) Driver MUST have current Driver License

8) Vehicle Jack & Lug wrench

9) Auto Liability Insurance coverage

10) Open Vehicles MUST have a Role bar firmly attached & capable of supporting the vehicle

Recommended Recovery Gear

1) Tow Straps (NO Hooks)

2) Hi-Lift Jack

3) Functional CB

4) Winch

5) Flashlight

6) Tools

7) Spare Parts

8) Tow Points front and Rear

9) Tree Saver Strap